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Energy Efficiency

A high-performance home can substantially lower monthly utility bills. It can even result in a net-zero energy usage, which means your home consumes less energy than it produces over the course of a year.

Environmental Conservation

According to U.S. Department of Energy, residential homes are responsible for 21 percent of our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. Conserving the amount of energy used in your home helps reduce pollution.

Health and Safety

High-performance homes include ventilation and purification systems that filter and freshen indoor air. They’re also built to withstand hurricane-force winds, and are resistant to heat, fire, water damage and infect infestation.

Quality and Durability

Building a high-performance home requires careful planning and close attention to detail during erection, sealing and other phases of construction. Compared to wood-frame houses, these concrete structures are longer lasting, require less maintenance and are environmentally friendly.

Design Flexibility

High-performance materials provide a perfect balance of form and energy-efficient function. The possibilities for home building and design are almost limitless.


The outer structure’s insulating sandwich of concrete and foam allows greater temperature consistency and fewer drafts from room to room. It also helps minimize penetration of noise from outside.


Durable materials like finished concrete floors and steel-reinforced walls, combined with advanced weatherization and heating technologies, help make maintenance more manageable and cost effective over the long term.


High performance doesn’t necessarily mean high cost, especially when you consider the money you gain through energy savings and less maintenance. The home and ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment inside may also make you eligible for a federal tax credit.

Market Value

Homes built with quality, high-performance materials will likely have fewer problems and better hold their value than average homes. According to U.S. EPA reports, they’re also likely to have a higher market appeal and resale value.

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