High-Performance Homes

Leveraging our experience in commercial construction, AMSTAR has ventured into the residential arena with high-performance homes. Structurally superior to conventional wood-framed houses, these homes use almost no energy, are fortified against natural disasters and provide healthier air quality—all without any compromise in aesthetics or comfort. These homes are designed as truly “green construction” with resource conservation, recyclable materials and energy savings designed into every home.

The Beauty of Wood Homes, with Better Efficiency, Durability and Livability

On the outside, high-performance homes have the same appeal of a Southern Colonial, Georgian, English Tudor or any other style home. What makes them different is the thinking behind them.

We approach each home as a system that includes three major components—the exterior shell, interior design and mechanical equipment. This means going beyond “building to code” by developing an integrated plan that ensures years of exceptional energy efficiency, durability, livability and social accountability with natural resources.

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