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Green Build

From ICF construction and geothermal heating and cooling to passive-solar and daylight apertures, Amstar works with clients to achieve cost-effective, energy-efficient environments and systems.

Germ prohibitive technology is factored into every one of our sustainable designs, as is innovative lighting. Every detail is examined and reexamined to assure living and working environments that are not only efficient, but comfortable and healthier, too.

According to CFO and senior project manager Gary Ottman, "Sustainability is not about sacrifice. It’s about building smart from the start."

Although the company specializes in commercial construction within the green build market, the company has built both commercial and residential green buildings.

Gary has earned LEED AP accreditation and practices what he preaches. He and his wife, company president Wendy Ottman, live in a green build home that they designed and built for themselves in Jefferson County.

Put their experience and skill in the green build market to work for you on your next project.