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Expertise to Tackle
Complex Projects

Designing and building structures as intricate as data centers and hospital labs has positioned us as one of the most exacting construction companies in the region. Amstar is well versed in the regulations and requirements for specialized environments. But regardless of project complexity – or simplicity – we are committed to quality, safety, budgets and deadlines.

Comprehensive Commercial Property Management

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Commercial properties are valuable assets that require a comprehensive management regimen to ensure they are operating productively and profitably.
Amstar currently provides this vital, comprehensive management for a variety of commercial properties throughout the region.
We meticulously manage each property with the highest level of detail, quality and care resulting in sustained occupancy and maximizing the value of the investment.

Growing Commitment to
Green Build

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Whether the job is to design and build a new structure or renovate an existing one, Amstar has experience with USGBC LEED requirements and sustainability construction practices. Amstar provides cost-effective, energy-efficient green building initiatives from blueprint and construction to facility operations and building management.